Death Road


7:00am. Pick up at your hotel and have breakfast. Start at (4,700m.), among the snowcapped mountains of Bolivia´s Cordillera Real you are going to descent 3500m, and you will see how the environment changes in a couple of hours,  can be spotted until the Bolivian subtropical jungle, where all the local animals, butterflies and tropical birds are awaiting.

In about 4 o 5 hours of vertical descent, you are going to feel full adrenaline. The ride is finished at the small town of Yolosa where you can drink a beer or soda.

From Yolosa we drive up to Coroico where you can get, hot showers, a pool and a delicious buffet lunch.  Back to La Paz at 7.00pm

Included in tour:

  • Bike, helmet, gloves, jacket
  • Transport
  • For all the riders all you can eat buffet lunch in the best hotel in coroico plus shower and pool
  • T-shirt and pictures CD


  • Entrance  Fee (Bs.25)

Participants are responsible for bringing the following items:

  • Rain Jacket or Windbreaker
  • Warm Jacket or fleece
  • Sunglasses (Goggles available – free of charge!)
  • A change of clothes / including shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent (optional)
  • Swimming

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