Discover another Bolivia!

Travel with us over the bolivian rainforest and pampas. A delightful experience!

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Pampas, another way to travel Bolivia!

Do more, experience better. Pampas tour is a very different yet exciting adventure. Marvelous landscapes, awesome fauna. Book with us now!

Experience the magic of Salar travel.

A must see destiny and a unforgettable travel. Salar de Uyuni is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, declared intangible patrimony of humanity. Book with us now!

Bolivian famous Death Road biking!

Featured with pure adrenaline this trip dares your nerves to the edge, literally. We challenge you to survive the road. Book with us now!

Top of the World!

Feel in contact and be impressed with nature. A unique trip far beyond the clouds. Book with us now!

We choose Fluvial for the price, but the service both in La Paz and Rurrenabaque was first class and it was an amazing experience. Highly recommended. -Constance Walsh